TNT Passes on DC Comics Superhero Drama 'Titans'

Hollywood Reporter

Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind) was attached to the project.

The world of superheroes on the small screen won't be expanding on TNT.

In his first executive session as the president of TNT and TBS, Kevin Reilly revealed at Television Critics Association winter press tour that the former has passed on drama Titans, about superheroes-to-be.

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-Foxtrot1141d ago

Kind of glad. Knowing how the majority of superhero shows today wipe their arse with the source material I think we dodged a bullet. Not to forget Teen Titans are younger superheroes which means younger actors and they aren't always the best bunch

smashman981140d ago

You don't like the flash,daredevil, Jessica jones, or arrow? Is there anything you like about the. Or dislike in particular

-Foxtrot1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I don't understand, when was liking or disliking those shows in my comment above. I never once said I never liked them, my comment was about Teen Titans.

Those shows hardly have teenagers as main leads if that's your point

Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, Daredevil and Constatine are the only ones I like

If it's about source material then I kind of can give Marvel a free pass since they don't own all their property rights and have to change stuff around

DragoonsScaleLegends1140d ago

I thought Jessica Jones was pretty bad, but Arrow, Flash, and Daredevil are ok.

1140d ago
SarcasticDuck1140d ago

You thought Jessica Jones was bad? Were you expecting a classic Barbie adventure? In my opinion, Jessica Jones was a great and loyal to source material without copying it 100%

DragoonsScaleLegends1140d ago

No I just wasn't expecting when I'm trying to figure out who this unknown character is it went from something that looked like a cop show then porno then back to cop show. The cop parts are actually so boring and bland in my opinion. Pretty much it's a dark world about prostitutes, sex, and characters with issues which is not the type of show I'm into. I barely like The Flash and Arrow but everyone fanboys all over them though I think Daredevil was better. I still liked Smallville more but that's just me. Currently the only 2015 show I can say I really like is Supernatural.

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ZaWarudo1140d ago

It's part of the multiverse, different reality, or at least the MCU is. MCU is Earth- 199999

So i don't really see the problem....

smashman981140d ago

Yea I was talking about the source material part of your comment in particular my bad and it was honestly just a question