IGN The Shannara Chronicles: "Chosen Part 1 & 2" Review

Debuting January 5th, The Shannara Chronicles' two-part premiere is fantasy for a tween generation, for all the good and bad that comes along with that. It's a reinvention of the Terry Brooks novel and that isn't going to please purists, but some of the more interesting elements of the two-hour episode involve deviating from the source material.

It's a good thing "Chosen" is two hours long, because it needs both of them to find its groove. The series introduces Amberle immediately, showing us a strong elf princess who isn't afraid to subvert gender norms. In the opening sequence of the series, Amberle decides to run a gauntlet to prove she is worthy of being one of seven elven Chosen who have the honor of serving the magical tree the Ellcrys. No woman has been a Chosen as long as memory serves, so simply participating -- and, of course, eventually earning the honor -- is a major shock to the Elven world.

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alycakes1139d ago

Haven't seen it yet but I'll be my own judge about how good it is.


Same here never saw this but heard about the chronicles and the reviews are good.