Michael Weatherly Exits 'NCIS': My Mom Reacts

For 13 years, Michael Weatherly has played “Very” Special Agent Tony DiNozzo on one of TV’s top-rated shows, NCIS. Yesterday, CBS confirmed that Weatherly has decided to leave the series at the end of the season. After receiving Facebook messages and texts from my mother, Joyce Bierly, using the words “heartbroken” and “devastated,” I phoned her this morning to exploit help her process her feelings.

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alycakes1143d ago

I know it will be different without him but 13 years is a long time. I would think that anyone would want to do something else after all that time....I just want him to get killed off.

blackblades1142d ago

Why you want him to get killed, better if they have him go find and live with ziva. Anyways thought his charater would replace Gibbs one day.

alycakes1142d ago

I meant to say 'I just don't want him to get killed' that way they can bring him back sometimes just to guest star.


13 years he didn't got bored off this.

Aldous_Snow1142d ago

Makes me sad. One of fav characters. He is hilarious. Not often can u watch a show and love every character. Probie wan kenobi is annoyin but still loveable.

First ziva, now Tony. If Abby, Ducky or Gibbs leave, then I think Im done.

C_Menz1142d ago

It's possible this is due to another spin off like Ncis New Orleans. It's a small likelihood since there's already three of them, however the hints of him getting his own team and moving elsewhere leave that open.

Granted after this long it's no surprise that an actor would want to move onto something different.