Why The Walking Dead is About to Kill Off Half Its Cast

Vanity Fair:

Just after zombies swarmed the gates of Alexandria in Episode 8, The Walking Dead show-runner Scott Gimple promised, “Episode 9 is one of the biggest episodes we’ve done.” “So many people die,” comic creator Robert Kirkman laughingly agreed of the upcoming midseason premiere. Now The Walking Dead creative team are famous for dropping morbid hyperbole around all their premieres and finales—every season is bigger than the last—but this time they’re not kidding. Here’s why.

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dauntingpixel1142d ago

makes sense to me. abraham's girl is as good dead, morgan will likely make it (not sure where he's going to land)either darryl or carol is going to take glen's place at the hands of lucille and negan. ricks girlfriend is going to stick around a while longer.

dauntingpixel1142d ago

thanks for the disagree wizzro. i knew you wouldn't disappoint. =)


You caught wizzro disagree you comment.

-Foxtrot1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

I really don't think it's Wizzro doing that. From what I've seen anyway it's someone else. Probably two people since the disagrees usually come in pairs.

Tzuno1141d ago

Ok this is going to an end i see well damn about time out of ideas i say and the series need a end after all.

-Foxtrot1141d ago

And yet Carl will still survive despite them straying from the comics.

They have Judith, they don't need Carl.

Comic - Rick and Carl story

Series Rick and Judith where we'll see her grow up and finally see her in a flash forward with her own group of people.

goldwyncq1141d ago

Carl is the deuteragonist of the show - he's in a safer position compared to everyone, possibly even Rick if they ever decide to kill him off, which has been hinted by Kirkman before. Besides, with Negan entering the scene, Carl's character is about to get a lot more interesting.

-Foxtrot1141d ago

People keep saying that "He's going to get more interesting" but the fact is he just takes a bigger step back from the stories...why? Because they know nobody really likes him and Chandler Rigs is a crap actor.

They've had many chances to kill him off in a meaningful way but don't. They have an upcoming shot with the scene where Carl looses his eye which would be perfect. The viewers think he's going to loose his eye, it happens and BAM it kills him...which it would if you've seen the scene in the comic.

Even his role in the Whisperers storyline can be changed. They've done it before with other characters.

Fact is the show is so different to the comics now that Carl is not an important character. Hell I'd rather see Jessie live over him because at least she'll serve as a love interest for Rick as Andrea was killed off ages ago.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1141d ago

LOl they will definitely not kill off Carl in favor of Judith. I dont even know if the show will last that long to see even a pre-teen Judith.

shammgod1141d ago

I forgot what this show is even about.

Ogygian1141d ago

Basically, the show is about people talking about how depressed they are that the world has ended, and how it makes them feel.

Fatoverlords1141d ago

The one thing I respected about this show is its willingness to kill off its main cast and keep it interesting. I honestly think they now pander to the fans to much, I hope I'm wrong and they keep it where you never know..