5 Reasons Why George Lucas Doesn't Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens


"To help everyone understand the cryptic statements of the man who originally gave us lightsabers, the Force and the Millennium Falcon, we’ve rounded up the most revealing comments and criticisms from the director, and analyzed them."

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corroios1139d ago

he doesnt like remakes? It was an amazing remake.

Spoilers alert or no if you saw Star Wars (1977)

Desert planet

a young men or girl with doubts about is or her future with a speed racer.

a droid with a important message that is being hunted down

A villain with a mask one that needs it to be alive and another for style

Cool X-wing and Tie-fighter in 1977, but that after 30 years in the star wars universe are still being used.

Death Star and a super, hiper death star that can be destroyed because again it was built it with a flaw

The death of an very important character.

a young jedi that needs two movies to be a jedi and master a lightsaber and another that doesnt need any kind of master to use the force and to beat the living crap againts a dark jedi that learn with luke skywalker and the dark ones.

Again, it was a very good remake, but nothing more.

JustInTlME1138d ago

How do we know Rey didn't have any training?

Also, everyone forgets how Kylo was blasted with the bowcaster. The same weapon that absolutely WRECKED everyone else.....

Hold_It1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Who cares what Lucas thinks, he made those awful prequels that had worse dialogue than a CW show. The reason the original Star Wars was good is because he had hardly any input what so ever, and then when they let him have control he turned the series to shit.

JJ Abrams may have remade the series but he brought it away from that garbage that Lucas is known for, and with that said I'm glad that it felt like a remake because all I wanted was the series to return to form without some garbage Muppets character and product placement like Jar-Jar and the Ewoks. ESB will always be the best Star Wars film, but that doesn't mean that TFA and ANH aren't right after.

Kribwalker1138d ago

I've been watching the prequels again, they were awesome when they came out, but they didn't hold up well, to much cgi and it's aged badly. Mostly looks like I'm watching cartoons with real actors

Hold_It1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )


Ah yeah? I rewatched all the films before TFA came out, and honestly I partly agree with you. I don't like how we never got the original version of the film on DVD and Blu-ray, because every version of Star Wars that has come out Lucas has done some altering to it by adding in CGI to a bunch of stuff and it looks really out of place.

If you watch the Blu-ray version of A New Hope you can see he went back and CGI'd Jabba, and it doesn't go with the universe of the movie as the background and the costumes look dated and the CGI sticks out like a sore thumb. He also changes who shot first in each version of the Mos Eisley cantina part. There were more CGI edits as well for TPM, TESB, ROTJ, AOTC.

I honestly think he really wanted to "stick it to Hollywood" with Star Wars, and since he did with the first movie he couldn't handle the fame so he wanted to make the prequel trilogy as a f__k you to the fans. I guess that makes one of us, I thought ROTS was the best of the prequels, but I didn't really think that TPM and AOTC were good back then.

gangsta_red1138d ago


It was definitely a soft reboot and followed A New Hope to the letter but I think what made it great and forgivable were the characters in the movie were fantastic.

I just hope now that they got this remake/reboot out the way now they can go in a totally new and different direction and start writing their own stories that expands on Star Wars.

Scrivlar1138d ago

Hmm..this article was taking a few too many shots at George Lucas for me. He's not happy with the film but he's not in uproar about it. And it was his baby that he's given into someone else's care. Yeah the prequels were awful but he also made the originals and he'll always have my appreciation and respect for that. He's well within his rights not to like it.

jimmywolf1138d ago

well keep in mind no mater his opinion, he sold it for $$$ that's fact.

also i remember hearing he never wanted make anymore star wars movies, so like the new movie or hate them they only exist because he sold the rights.

Hold_It1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )


The only original he made was the first movie. With the exception of the prequel trilogy each Star Wars movie has had a different director. Lucas's professor Irvin Kershner directed The Empire Strikes Back, and Richard Marquand directed Return of The Jedi.