The Force Awakens Has Changed Star Wars Forever


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a hit with audiences and is already one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. It features great visuals, snappy dialogue, and a likeable cast of young actors such as Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac. Children’s book editor Jordan London was particularly taken with the character Rey (Ridley).

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Bimkoblerutso1142d ago hasn't really changed anything. Nearly every piece of Star Wars narrative that has been released (whether it be books or movies or video games) has been considered canon by Mr. Lucas himself.

The Star Wars "saga" has been so much more than just the movies for many, many years.

njitram20001142d ago

Yep. Disney may have claimed that everything except the movies and the TV shows is now non-canon but I will always view it as the real Star Wars story. Darth Bane, Mara Jade, Thrawn, the Solo twins, Corran Horn: those are the stories that I care about. Instead they gave us a repeat of A New Hope with a whiney brat as the villain. It's a good movie but it's not a worthy replacement for what we had (and still have).

Bimkoblerutso1142d ago

I get the feeling that many people did not read the article...I love the new movie, actually. I agree it kept a little too close to the formula set by a New Hope, but it felt more "Star Wars" than Star Wars has felt in a long time, if only because they took the politics out and put the adventure back in.

My only point was that the writer of the article suggests that Disney is ruining Star Wars by making it a never ending franchise (like Marvel, for instance), but that kind of franchising has always been present, even under Lucas. Lucas himself was writing a script for a direct sequel to begin with, but nobody liked it.

s45gr321141d ago

I like the film, way better than the sequels but its extremely similar to episode 4 a new hope. From the young person abandoned in the desert becoming part of a war between a rebel force and an opressing force towards the galaxy. Death Star included. I really wished to see a movie representation of Star Wars Heir to the Empire. That's due it starts right after Return of the Jedi. We meet the highly intelligent Admiral Thrawn 😸

RetrospectRealm1142d ago

That's completely wrong. Lucas always stated that everything except for the films was not the main canon. The only thing he never considered close to his films was The Clone Wars TV series.

annoyedgamer1141d ago

This is response to your second comment: Disney ADDED politics in my the way of blatant unrelenting feminism and turning the stormtroopers into Nazis. They were clearly out of ideas.

Stringerbell1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Nothing was added. Rey is nothing new we already had Leia, Padme, Asajj, Mara Jade, Jaina, Ahsoka, hell even the Dark Woman. All strong characters in their own right.

And if you think Star Wars never dealt with politics before, umm the prequels? Those three movies that go at length to show the dissolution of democracy at the hands of a corrupt power hungry Palpatine. They kind of had a gigantic civil war about it? Lucas even tried to make some reflections towards America and their involvement in the Middle East at the time?

And as for Disney adding a Nazi allegory to the New Order no again. Lucas did that initially when he conceived the empire to being with? From the literal name of the Storm troopers, Vader's helmet design, to the Empires racist nature towards anyone who was not human. They have always been Nazis in space...

But if you want a Star Wars that has nothing to say and is vapid might I suggest the holiday special?

WizzroSupreme1142d ago

It sure has – and probably for the better.

Pillsbury11142d ago

Changed it better than the prequels did.

annoyedgamer1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Yea it turned it into a kiddy show with political propaganda. Not that I expected different.

When Kylo Ren took his mask off I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing aloud. He looks like he walked off one of Disney's sitcoms. I half expects him to start jamming to rock music while doing tricks on a hoverboard.

Then there is the perfectly perfect and flawless with her permanently clenched teeth expression and invincibility.

"I can handle myself" In fact lets hammer the point home by repeating it over and over again.

Then there was the poor token black kid...basically an escaped slave and relegated to pathetically low IQ dialogue. I am not one to scream "racist!" but it had me thinking.

Stringerbell1141d ago

I'm going to take a guess you went into this film wanting to dislike it and voila!

annoyedgamer1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Nope, I tried to like it but gave up near the middle, and the end was a ripoff the first star wars film anyways.

It really sank in when that girl..who never even knew about the force or how to use it suddenly became some kind of force to be reckoned with overnight. I guess the power of feminism is stronger than the force.

Strong female characters have always been in Star Wars but they were not all. And her dialogue of constantly demanding to be left alone and giving snarky answers when asked if she was alright..was annoying at best and completely destroyed the immersion in what was supposed to be the climax of the film.

And don't get me started on the subtle racism that is Jar Jar Fin.

Disney always does that, insert racist character and cover it up with lame feminazi friendly plot points.

Remember Tron? They talk to the members of the resistance who happen to be black in the club. Then they walk away saying "let us get away from these primitive programs". Shortly after they shovel in strong girl action to cover it up.

Stringerbell1141d ago

'It really sank in when that girl..who never even knew about the force or how to use it suddenly became some kind of force to be reckoned with overnight. I guess the power of feminism is stronger than the force.'

Nope. So Luke gets a pass? A kid who JUST meets Obi Wan a couple hours later is blocking blasts with a light saber BLINDFOLDED. Then a few hours later starts communicating with the spirit of Obi Wan. And with the cherry on top a few hours later leads an assault on the largest space station ever known and destroys it with 'the force.' Everyone seems to forget this but thats Star Wars big heroes doing big things.

As for Finn it seems you missed the point with that character. It was someone who was naive to the max taught to do only one thing, assigned a number. One day he says no to it all and wants to make his own way in the galaxy. Its called a character ark for a reason. StarWars more often than not portrayed Storm troopers as lifeless automatons its a no idea to put a face and story to one at least in the films.

You are seeing things that aren't there and at the same time criticizing Star Wars for things it has done since the very beginning. If you give Luke a pass after all the shenanigans he pulled in an instant, like I said before maybe you should stick to the Holiday Special...

Vames1140d ago

I disagree. Luke gets a pass here because he had two masters in the form of Obiwan and Yoda. Most of what he did early in the film was due to training. Rey had no one, but managed to defeat Kylo Ren who was trained to use the force and a light-saber for several years.

Fanboys do not want to acknowledge the faults of the film because they are so desperate for a hit. But truth is truth. The Force Awakens is a well oiled feminist propaganda machine. It will become the top earning film based on the merits of the agenda and not on it being a great movie, which it isn't.

Jessica Jones, now that's how you do a female lead. Not some hurry come up girl who is perfectly flawless.

Stringerbell1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

You're kidding right? Where does Yoda appear in Episode 4? Did I miss him? What training does Luke get in Episode 4? A two minute ride on the Millennium Falcon? That constitutes as training to you? Or was it merely being in the presence of a jedi, thats training? By that logic Jar Jar should have been a full fledged jedi at the end of Phantom Menace lol.

'Fanboys do not want to acknowledge the faults of the film because they are so desperate for a hit.'

Like what you're doing with my argument? This film has many faults, but if Rey's emergence in the force is a fault so is Luke's. I'm consistent, you on the other hand need to come back when you have a proper argument...

Vames1140d ago

What the hell was Luke doing on Dagobah? He got training from Yoda there. he was also trained briefly by Obi-Wan. You seem confused.

Rey's emergence without training should never trump a person who had already emerged and got years of training. Luke didn't go out and defeat the bad guy first shot.

Believe it or not, but The Force Awakens is just an average copycat film. A film designed with political goals and to become a yearly pop culture money maker.

Stringerbell1140d ago

Wow... Okay guy, the point of my comment which flew over you head was this slowly now okay?

If people are upset about how Rey seems to become in tune with the force in The Force Awakens... then... wait for it... people must also question Luke's emergence into the force in wait, here it comes...

A New Hope. Just a New Hope. Not Empire, not Jedi this is a situation to situation comparison of two similar characters discovering something they did not know they had, that seems to be confusing you. You are trying to compare one movie for one character to an entire arc for another, yeah that makes sense and is totally fair...

'Luke didn't go out and defeat the bad guy first shot.'

Have you ever even watched these movies?

Vames1140d ago

You're the one who is confused here and attempting to argue with nonsense. Do I need to explain in great detail? Rey vs Ren, so of course I'm talking about Luke vs Vader, not Luke vs the Death Star.

And you're the only one talking about New Hope, or you're just saying that to save face. Clearly, TFA didn't just copy New Hope.

OK, so I'm saying Luke who had more training than Rey couldn't defeat Vader first shot, but Rey who had no training whatsoever could defeat Ren. She just closes her eyes, open, and she's this magnificent badass who can pummel a person who can use the force to stop a shot fired from a blaster.

You're still trying to grab at straws to prop up this sham of a movie that has done little to move the franchise forward in an innovative way, and it is quite unfortunate.

Fanboys will say anything these days.

Stringerbell1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

My point and my only point was how each of these characters first came into the force and what happened directly after. Not over the course of two movies not over the course of training.

'And you're the only one talking about New Hope'

Thats the point lol

If you are arguing something else I dont care becasue you were the one that replied to MY COMMENT not the other way around. Do you know how conversations work?

Me: 2+2 = 4

You: Actually I like hot dogs and thats why you are wrong

Me: Wtf....

The force is awakened in Luke - blows up death star.

The force is awakened in Ray beats a sith lord to be.

Both grandiose acts that I'm neither applauding or vilifying. I'm just being consistent in making a comparison. Both characters start off with a bang.

'You're the one who is confused here and attempting to argue with *nonsense*'

Truer words have never been spoke...

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s45gr321141d ago

Its not the Star Wars I wished for (Heir to the Empire) but is a good film nonetheless.