Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season Finale Review - Screen Rant

SR: Loveable loser Ashley “Ash” Williams is just looking for his piece of the pie. After spending the last 30 years whittling away a meager existence as a stock clerk at a Michigan big box store, he’s met with his fate as “El Jeffe.” That fate makes him the only man who can stand against the forces of the evil Deadites and the woman, Ruby, a.k.a. “The Dark One,” who wants to rule them all under the pretense of bringing order to their natural state of chaos – you know, like The Godfather. It’s a classic scenario of an unlikely hero facing off against seemingly insurmountable odds so, naturally, a show like Ash vs. Evil Dead would have its hero make a deal with a (possibly the) devil in exchange for a new beginning in Jacksonville and a little gas money. And, naturally, that deal appears to bring about a potential end-of-the-world scenario as Ash and his traveling companions make their way to the sunshine state.

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