Independence Day 2: Will Smith Responds to Character’s Fate

Screen Rant: Will Smith is a busy guy. In addition to promoting his most recent film, the NFL whistleblowing drama Concussion, he is continually inundated with questions regarding his high-profile role as the DC Comics villain Deadshot in this summer’s Suicide Squad, as well as the possibility of a third (and fourth) installment in the lucrative Bad Boys alongside co-star Martin Lawrence. On top of that, Smith is set to star alongside Dame Helen Mirren in a drama titled Collateral Beauty, while also setting his sights on a return to the music world with a possible new LP and planned summer 2016 tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff. With the actor and musician keeping that many plates spinning, it only makes sense that he would be asked for his thoughts on the fate of Captain Steven Hiller – his character from the 1996 alien-invasion extravaganza Independence Day.

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Porcelain_Chicken1143d ago

Well that wouldn't have happened had you been less greedy Will. 100 mill to return to one of the roles that made you is a bit... just wow. Nepotism and Greedy-ness is sadly what you are becoming Mr. Smith.

HeavenlySnipes1143d ago

I mean, if it was a role that would force him to give up other roles, he'd lose out on money. The intro to the interview states a slice of all the things he's going to be in/start doing in the near future.

2pacalypsenow1143d ago

Im pretty sure Fresh Prince made him

Porcelain_Chicken1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Fresh Prince did make him known, it gave him his start but Independence Day is what made him a star. It's what cemented his place in Hollywood as a leading man.

mushroomwig1143d ago

To be fair, TV and Film are different things. You can be a famous TV star but fail completely in the film industry.

Fresh Prince definitely made him a house hold name, ID4 made him a movie star.

DragoonsScaleLegends1139d ago

Men In Black is what made him to me, been a fan ever since.

blackblades1143d ago

Last I heard he didn't want to do it because he hated doing sequels then you add other things like being busy with other movies and etc... Either kill the character off or let someone else play it.

Porcelain_Chicken1142d ago

I'm hearing a lot of things now too bud. I don't what to believe anymore lol.

-Foxtrot1142d ago

I heard it was because he was in SS...but I wish he was in this then that

Porcelain_Chicken1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

If I had to choose between the two, it would definitely be Independence Day 2.

Killing his character off in that manner kind of seems like an "eff you" to Smith does it not!? I mean they could have written his character out of this one or wrote around him as if he's injured or M.I.A or even retired. But to have him die a clumsy death seems all sorts of messed up. Makes me think the money thing might actually be plausible.

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cell9891143d ago

He was asking for 100 million?!! He's out of his mind. The character did not even required him to act any different than he does on a daily basis :/

Porcelain_Chicken1143d ago

Yeah man, 100 mill. I get what Heavenly Snipes up there ^^^ is saying but it still sounds fishy. I really do love seeing Will Smith's movies. I've been one of his biggest defenders since he was cast in Suicide Squad. So i don't wanna think this is what he's becoming. Reminds me too much of that Bruce Willis thing, where he wanted 4 mill for a 30 minute shoot in Expendables 3. They could only offer him 3 mill so he declined the offer to come back... I don't want to believe that's what Will Smith is becoming.

RetrospectRealm1143d ago

It's likely the number 100 million isn't exactly right. Smith said he did not do this film because he was filming Suicide Squad.

Lionsguard1143d ago

Where do these numbers keep coming from? Last I heard it was 50 million. Next, people are going to say he wanted a billion plus 95% of the box office profits.

Porcelain_Chicken1142d ago

I read it uh... somewhere. I can't quite recall where. Probably just a rumor flying around, if so I'd hate to be one of the idiots spreading it like wildfire. I'm hearing all sorts of stories from this so it's up for debate. The Suicide Squad seems the most plausible.

dota2champion1143d ago

But how did his character died?

ceballos77mx1143d ago

Crashed testing one the new hybrid planes.

Gezmoyassine1143d ago

I'm a bit disappointed that he's not in the movie...I was hoping for him to say "Welcome to earth...Again)lol