Downtown Abbey Season 6 Premiere Review - EW

EW: It’s the end of the world as Downton Abbey knows it, and no one is feeling fine about it. The final season of the English import is set in 1925, and the privileged, provincial life of Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) and his blue-blood lot is falling out of favor and draining their coffers. With his neighbors liquidating and downsizing, slashing the help and relocating to the city, the Earl of Grantham wonders how long before he must do the same. No one is more nervous about Downton’s changing fortunes than chief of staff Carson (Jim Carter) and his crew of underbutlers, housekeepers, footmen, chauffeurs, cooks, scullery maids, and valets who depend on the Abbey for their livelihood. Call it trickle-down anxiety. “Neither you nor I can hold back time,” Robert tells Carson in the premiere. “Who has an underbutler these days?!”

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