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George Lucas is Salty Over Disney’s Direction With His Former Star Wars Franchise

EB: A new interview between George Lucas and Charlie Rose has revealed that the creator of Star Wars isn’t so happy about the direction Disney has taken his creation in even though he’s said in the past that he thought fans would like The Force Awakens.

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Anthotis3124d ago

I'm salty over the former direction taken for the Star Wars franchise.

Lucas' brain AIDS nearly buried this awesomeness for good. Thankfully, it's not beyond repair.

annoyedgamer3123d ago

It aint gettin repaired under Disney let's clear that up right now.

NewMonday3123d ago

all main characters human in a space opera

generic Ice planet
generic desert plant
generic forest planet

Lucas was bad at directing actors but he knows how to bring a sense of scale and depict alien imagery, that was the best thing about the prequels

the Force Awakens made me appreciate the prequels for the first time

MilkMan3124d ago

It's simple, jj is a better director. Period.

kevinsheeks3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

:| someones been smoking that holiday ohhh weee

NewMonday3123d ago

JJ made a long TV episode not a full length movie that stands on it's own

when movies like Kill Bill and Matrix 2 had cliffhangers you only had to wait 6-8 months not 2 years

coolbeans3123d ago

Abrams is solid from a technical perspective, but let's get real here. Half of the praise for his film directing (not TV stuff) comes from stylistically mimicking those he admired during his youth.

ThatArtGuy3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

A very good editorial on Lucas.

Kreisen3123d ago

JJ Abrams did not make The Force Awakens though, movies are not made by one person. If you do some research Abrams didnt have all that much influence over how The force awakens would turn out, Disney had an astronomical number of people work on these films. There were multiple directors, multiple producers etc etc.

Its not like with say James Cameron and Avatar where practically everything went directly through him.

annoyedgamer3123d ago

Should have never sold it to thugs then...genius

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