Disney Chairman Confirms New Indiana Jones Movie Is Coming

CB: Disney Chairman Robert Iger has confirmed that there will be a new Indiana Jones film.

In a new video from Bloomberg News, Iger said that the movie was coming. There have been rumors almost since the day Disney acquired Lucasfilm, although in the early going Disney said that their primary focus was Star Wars and anything else would be a bonus.

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RetrospectRealm1144d ago

This follows the story within a story rule.

-Foxtrot1144d ago

Hopefully they'll just continue from The Last Crusade and ignore Crystal Skull

Bobafret1144d ago

Crystal Skull was not that bad. If you can accept an ancient ark that magically melts faces then you can accept aliens.

-Foxtrot1144d ago

It wasn't really the Alien aspect of it that threw me. It was just the whole god damn thing.

coolbeans1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

It's not so much that it HAD aliens but rather in the way they utilized them. Stuff like The Ark of The Covenant and the Holy Grail have a kind of sacred aura about them that would teach some kind of lesson, and was replicated in films in such a spectacular way. That's what makes archaeological findings work so much better than inter-dimensional beings.

I didn't think Crystal Skull was awful but it really lost steam with me after the first act and poor, overabundant CGI kept hogging the screen.

RetrospectRealm1143d ago

"It was just the whole god damn thing."

What does that even mean?

Crystal Skull was good. I liked it. Hopefully, they have Harrison Ford in this one. Use him while he's still with us, then cast a young Indiana Jones.

-Foxtrot1143d ago

What it says it means, the film was just a mess which didn't feel like a good Indie Film like the classics

It was the "Phantom Menace" of the Indiana Jones franchise

Oh and Shia aswell. Good grief.

coolbeans1143d ago

They have the skeleton of an interesting setting. Changing things up with the KGB as new Nazis can still work. Even Harrison passing the torch like he did can still work as a continuation. Just don't have Shia as lead.

coolbeans1143d ago


I'm down with that! :D

RetrospectRealm1143d ago

That's just it though. I don't know what the "god damn thing" even means, which is why I asked.

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Bobafret1143d ago

Oh well, can't argue taste. I was a little put off by Shia Lebouf, or however the hell you spell his dorky name.