First (Spoiler) Filled Reaction To Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

GeeklyNewsGazette releases info from a Redditer about the first WB screening held for Batman vs Superman!

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Porcelain_Chicken1144d ago

That all sounds good but it also seems like most of it is from the trailer. He showed the ticket which CAN be fake I guess. I read up on some stuff that he elaborated on past the review. If he's right it sounds like it's gonna be good!

acemonkey1144d ago

they should have stopped after the comic con trailer.

notice he dont talk about aquaman/cyborg/flash ( if flash is in it) or even Wonder Woman which sounds kinda weird.

ps we already hate lex his annoying as fuck

uncharted561144d ago

If you go to the actual reddit thread he gives out actual spoilers to the movie. But go at your own risk but it will spoil the movie for you. I glossed over a few points myself and I am really excited for it now. One thing he said on reddit was that what you see with Lex is not what you get and he is true to the comics and there are def some cameo appearances.

acemonkey1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

sorry i dont believe a review for this movie at a screening ( and not 1 bad thing) from Dark knight,avengers, Gotg, Captain america 2 and the list keeps going.( not in any order )

but i didnt look on reddit about the rest of the spoilers. But i might have to because this is the one of the movies i dont really care you can link it up if u want ( not hating on it bc its dc, i collect comics and all that jazz)

Lex becomes bold at the end of the movie lol yay that dont means his lex

-Foxtrot1143d ago

It's reddit, I doubt it's true

How many times have we had films "spoilt" on reddit and it turns out they are fake.

uncharted561143d ago

Thats very true but some of the points that I looked at were very fitting with the footage not only from trailers but also information we have got from Snyder and other guys who have worked in the movie. All in all either this guy is a fake genius and great at coming up with great movie plots himself and DC should hire him or this leak might be true considering that they probably do these kinds of advanced screening this much time away from release for major movies. Either way we will know soon. One thing he did mention was that this movie in retrospect makes man of steel feel like a much better movie at least to him because of how it builds on that movie and story and characters develop through the movie. So I am excited now!

SarcasticDuck1143d ago

Awesome, I believe I got the interesting parts of the reaction without reading the spoilers! (just jumped over some lines)