'They Wanted To Do A Retro Movie​': George Lucas Talks His Break Up From 'Star Wars,'


Breaking up is hard to do, and George Lucas is taking his exit from the franchise rather hard. Back in November, he went into detail about his "break up" from "Star Wars" (though not many relationships end with the $4 billion sale of a major company) and in a much longer holiday-season chat with Charlie Rose, he once again reflects on how everything went down.

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MilkMan1144d ago

In this case Disney was correct. Can't say the new film 100% great, but it IS 100% better than all three prequels put together.

FreakyFox1144d ago

I feel pretty much the same.

annoyedgamer1144d ago

I want the old Star Wars back. People do not realize that Disney nearly has a monopoly on all lucrative film properties and new titles are not getting much luck these days.