The 20 Best New TV Shows We're Looking Forward To In 2016


If, like us, your lives have become a battleground between staying in to watch TV and actually communicating with the outside world, then look away NOW, because TV is going to be huge in 2016. From DC Comics’ most ambitious show ever, to a new offer from the team behind The Walking Dead - we can guarantee there are some shiny brand new shows for everyone. Don’t believe us? Here’s our list of the 20 shows gearing up for their first ever episode in 2016, including Preacher, Westworld and Sneaky Pete.

We may be a broken record here, but if you’re actively avoiding all spoilers like the plague then look away now. We’re going to be talking about plot lines, characters, actors…the whole hog. If you’re looking for a complete televisual surprise come January 2016, we’d suggest steering clear.

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dota2champion1147d ago

westworld is the only new series i'm looking forward to. One of the Writers for Intersellar is working on this along with the producers of starwars: the force awakens and startrek. so who isn't hype for this?