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VFX Breakdown For Marvel's Ant-Man

CB: Visual effects and feature animation studio, Cinesite, has released a new video showcasing the digital work their team of artists created for the Ant-Man-Yellowjacket fight by the swimming pool.

"One of the most challenging shots involved the creation of a fully CG Yellow Jacket emerging from the water," the VFX studios official website states. "Cinesite began with assets supplied by the production, developing them to completion of final shots. The surface of the suit has a honey comb texture, which needed to be matched with shots by other vendors in the film. The bespoke shader was built in three stages. Masks were used to control the specular roughness along with an inverted facing ratio to get less reflection on the glancing angle on a random set of honey comb faces. When the three layers were combined a multi-faceted breakup effect was achieved.

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