12 Most Memorable Movie Characters of 2015


Another year, another slate of movie releases in the history books, and with it a bevy of new characters gracing the big screen. Just like making the movies themselves, though, making a truly memorable character is a major challenge. You have to get them right on the page before you can cast them, for one thing, and it goes without saying that casting can make or break a character before filming even begins; then, after you cast them, you have to style them thoughtfully, frame and shoot them properly, and give the actor or actress plenty of room to stretch out their legs and develop the part on their own terms.

So whether you believe that 2015 was good for the movies or not, it was definitely good for actors. Roles were plentiful and diverse, ranging from staunchly independent efforts to the biggest studio productions imaginable; you have superheroes and boxers, spies and androids, hysterical sidekicks and grizzled freedom fighters, and even more than that in between.

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