'Suicide Squad' 2nd Trailer Shot-for-Shot Breakdown

Heroic Hollywood

Time for one last big heist in 2015. A lot of readers asked me about a second Suicide Squad trailer so I went and cased this score. From what I'm told, the following trailer is supposed to be released sometime next month. I'm of the opinion this could be released around NFL playoffs/Superbowl time.

However, a leak of this magnitude, it wouldn't surprise me if this is pushed or scrapped altogether. Then again Warners spent a long time putting this trailer together so it wouldn't make sense to scrap it. Let's get right to it because this is pretty damn cool and original.

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dota2champion1150d ago

I hope the 2nd trailer gets leaked soon, I wanna see more of Joker in the trailer

b163o11150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Greatest villian of all time IMO, Heath will always hold the title of Crowned Prince of Darkness to me. Leto joker is a different take, and I respect that, he's carving his own lane for the character. I don't think he'll be as dark as HL's, but I'm sure he'll make it his own. Really ready to see how DC plays this out in future films....