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THR: Cinematographer Ericson Core returns to the director's chair for a remake of cult favorite 'Point Break.'
Looking back, the peculiar and somehow charming pseudo-philosophical machismo about communing with the earth of Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break was actually ahead of the bro-culture curve that seems to be everywhere now, and so never wanting to leave well enough alone, the cultish film was ripe for a remake. Taken out of its post-Reagan context and remade with a forced backstory and 100 percent more supermodel types (bye, Lori Petty) in 3D, cinematographer-director Ericson Core’s Point Break strips the silly fun and relatively straight-ahead narrative from the original for a humorless, if photogenic, spin on extreme crime. In 1991, a peaking, post-Dirty Dancing/Ghost Patrick Swayze and an ascendant, pre-Speed Keanu Reeves pulled off the nearly impossible and made the relationship between the ludicrously named Johnny Utah and Bodhi work. But they also had Bigelow’s eye for action set-pieces and bro-tastic homoeroticism to play with. This was a good thing.

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