'Concussion': Review - Hollywood Reporter

THR: Will Smith stars as the Nigerian-born doctor who helped identify the brain damage afflicting many pro football players.
Movies "torn from the headlines" were once a Hollywood staple, going back to the gangster films of the 1930s. But in recent years, as projects take longer and longer to come to fruition and as studios grow more cautious, it’s rare to find a truly timely, topical drama. Concussion is one of the exceptions. It dramatizes a crisis that is still making headlines today: the dangers of serious brain damage caused by the violent collisions of pro football. The NFL fought to bury the evidence of these medical perils, and the league can’t be happy about a high-profile movie bringing the issues into the limelight. Credit should go to producer Ridley Scott and to the executives who backed the movie, keeping alive a tradition of muckraking that once did Hollywood proud. Although the film is imperfect, it has unmistakable urgency, and Will Smith’s star power should ensure...

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