'The Magicians': Pilot EW Review

EW: It’s curious that Syfy would sneak-peek The Magicians the week that Star Wars: The Force Awakens materializes in theaters. From a certain mind-tricky point of view, I’d say the network was trolling its own audience. The pilot for this dark adult fantasy introduces us to Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph of Aquarius), a bright and broody man-child whose imagination has long been owned by a children’s fantasy: an obscure book series called Fillory and Further, about kids who commute between their war-torn here and an enchanted over-there via a grandfather clock – a wrinkle in time, encased within an occult antique. Quentin’s fanboy obsession is an escape from the rawness of reality, a form of self-medication – a supplement to the pills he pops for depression. But as we find him, prepping for grad school and coming to grips with his arrested life, the melancholy millennial is ready to commit to putting childish things away, to “selling the comic-book collection and getting serious.” Ouch. I understand nostalgia-shaming from film critics sick of writing about plaything pop, but et tu, Syfy? The stormtrooper costume I was planning to wear on the opening night of Star Wars just walked itself out of the house and into the garbage can. Time to put on a gray suit and get rich, I guess.

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