'The Affair' Season 2: EW Review

EW: There are plenty of soaps out there that aspire to be viewed as serious dramas. The Affair is different. It’s a serious drama that aspires to be a soap. This season, what was once a subtle character drama gave us a paternity scandal, a twist ending to a murder mystery, an act of arson, and a whole lot of pulpy melodrama that could’ve been ripped from the pages of a Noah Solloway novel. Remember when Noah’s editor hinted that, after the runaway success of his breakthrough, Descent, he should plan something “less ambitious” for the follow-up – something less Nabokov and more Danielle Steele? Well, it seems that The Affair’s writers took that advice. If season 1 was their highbrow award-winner, season 2 was their beach read: compulsively plotted, but ultimately kind of disappointing.

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