Ash vs Evil Dead "Bound In Flesh" Review - IGN

IGN: Now that was a damn, fine episode of "Ash vs. Evil Dead." The best since the premiere. Better than the premiere, in some ways. Sure, a few weeks ago "The Killer of Killers" also brought back the wit and perverse charm of the pilot for a uniquely gruesome bottle episode set in a diner, but "Bound in Flesh," to date, felt the most Raimi-ish of the non-Raimi episodes. Writer and co-executive producer Rob Wright did a fine job of giving us the most familiar Ash since the guy who got stoned in his trailer and unleashed hell on Earth.

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Aldous_Snow1150d ago

Yet another great episode. One of the best things ive seen in years. Ash is hilarious and its gory as ****.

One more episode then roll on season 2.

RetrospectRealm1150d ago

I don't know what will hold me over in terms of comedy till Season 2!!!