Lego Star Wars Toys That Cost More Than $1,000 on Amazon

Gravis Ludus' Carl Williams writes, "Star Wars is popular, even during the “prequels” years. Yeah, even then the license held a lot of clout with licensers. There are going to be toys, games, action figures and Lego sets based on the lightsaber battles. That is almost guaranteed. With LEGO sets the price continues to climb with each new set that sees release. These popular blocks were never cheap. The sets just get a little more complex as new ones are made available. I remember when it was amazing to get a set that had the “hood” looking piece, or hinged pieces. Now, set builders are inundated with new, unique, pieces in nearly every set available. Not only do these Star Wars sets have unique pieces they have quite a unique price attached also. The cheapest one will run you about $1,000 if you “just have to have it now”."

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