Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Is A WWII Film Centered On Evacuation Of Allied Troops From France

IndieWire: “And Christopher Nolan is coming right behind me,” Quentin Tarantino said in a recent talk with Paul Thomas Anderson about “The Hateful Eight” and 70mm projection. Tarantino was referring to the fact that while The Weinstein Company had convinced 100 theaters in 44 markets to install or refurbish their 70mm capabilities, the director was implying the move was an investment in the future. After all, filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson are shooting in panoramic formats and Christopher Nolan— who often shoots in wide IMAX formats— has an upcoming film set for summer 2017. Now Tarantino or PTA didn’t say what that film was, but the implication is clear: you’ve got 70mm installed and someone like Nolan is going to make good use of it.

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StarWarsFan1149d ago

Interest in Christopher Nolan has somewhat subsided for me. Did the Dark Knight trilogy and he kind of stalled with that. I haven't been blown away with everything else he's done. Even The Dark Knight Rises was a bit of a letdown for me.

RetrospectRealm1148d ago

Well he's only done one film after the TDK trilogy. If anything I think he stalled after Inception. TDKR wasn't that good but Interstellar was definitely a step up from that. I'm still super excited to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Porcelain_Chicken1148d ago

"A bit of a letdown" doesn't actually sound so bad. TDKR and Interstellar may not have been the next coming of Christ like many predicted but they were miles better than most of the movies we have out there nowadays. I love blockbusters as much as the next guy but I do like to use my brain at the movies now and then.