'The Hateful Eight': EW Review

EW: Quentin Tarantino’s great gift as an artist is the way he’s able to quote cinema’s past while saying something new. He can take a stroll down memory lane without buying a house there. In his new film, the slow-simmering Western The Hateful Eight, he sets out on a classic adventure right out of John Ford’s Stagecoach and ends up in the caffeinated chaos that closed Reservoir Dogs. Whether you want to go with him on that long journey is a different matter. As someone who’s loved almost all of Tarantino’s films, I felt—for the first time—something close to disappointment. At their best, his films give off the giddy sensation of too much—that he has so many inspired ideas vibrating in his celluloid brain that he overwhelms us. But The Hateful Eight doesn’t have enough ideas.

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dota2champion1153d ago

really enjoyed this film, but i hated every character in the film, especially the character that samuel l jackson was playing