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The short of it? Joy is a decent biographical drama anchored by Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, but fails to realize its greater ambitions. The ingredients needed to make a film that offers more profound commentary about the nature of the American Dream are present, but either aren’t plentiful enough and/or aren’t combined in the most effective way – suggesting the project needed another rewrite and more development to achieve greatness. Nonetheless, Jennifer Lawrence’s compelling performance and the interesting look at Joy Mangano’s rise to fame (the factual and fictionalized parts alike) are reason enough for those who’re intrigued by Joy to give the film a look at some point.

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WizzroSupreme1148d ago

Well, I guess I learned a lot about Wonder Mops now.

freshslicepizza1148d ago

loved silver linings and really enjoyed american hustle but this movie was pretty damned boring. wait for video is my suggestion.