Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Release Date Possibly Revealed

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The date of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray release may have been revealed by The industry resource, which is often the first to know of when a release date is planned, has listed April 5 as the Star Wars date, which is the first we've heard of that date, but which lines up with the general "Spring 2016" that has been listed on digital pre-orders through Vudu and iTunes.

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WizzroSupreme1395d ago

I know I'll be getting myself a copy.

Hold_It1393d ago


Agreed, it was good to see the movie embrace the feeling of the original trilogy rather than lather itself up in the awful prequels. is usually pretty spot on for guessing the release month/date of DVD's and Blurays. Been using them for years. #TMYK

coolbeans1393d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see a Limited Edition of this.

dota2champion1393d ago

Spring 2016 is still too far, i'll guess i'll continue to watch it in theaters

Nodoze1392d ago

Disney better release the 3d here in the states!!!

Pogmathoin1392d ago

Best to wait for directors cut.... And this sucks as I thought I already had complete Bluray set!