Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey is Without a Doubt a Skywalker

The article explores multiple points within Star Wars: The Force Awakens about Rey and the extremely likely possibility of her being a Skywalker. Spoilers within the article.

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Tsuru1144d ago

A lot of these points make no sense.

Point 3: Hes seeing this memory because its more of a unconscious drive to lead her there.

Point 4: So your saying that all the jedi in episode 1-3 are all skywalkers? Even Yoda is a skywalker? HOLY SHIT

Point 7: Why even mention it then if it isnt confirmed

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ifinitygamer1144d ago

Point 7: Kylo Ren says "Curses!", not "Cousin!" The confusion was surrounding that he will say "Face Me!" and if you hit him at the right moment, he says, "Curses!", which sounds like "Face Me, Cousin" with muffled audio. Do some research.
Your other points are idiotically wrong. Anything could happen.

skycaptin51144d ago

It's just opinions based on the movie, this was written a bit back and was waiting awhile to get accepted so the point had been voided then. Updated it with that after checking out the Kotaku post. Also put another point in after my third viewing the other day.

2pacalypsenow1144d ago

question is who did luke bang if its true?

JustInTlME1144d ago

She is 100% Luke's. I have a feeling Kylo killed Luke's wife during his siege of the new jedi temple he was starting. Which then caused Luke to go to exile and force block Rey and send her to Jakku...mind you....with the last piece of the puzzle to find out where he would be.....

Qrphe1144d ago

No one, there isn't anything that points to her being Luke's daughter except for the fact that she's probably the most powerful force user in the movies.

zugdar1143d ago

This. The answer is no one. Luke of all people would know the dangers of balancing the force and close relationships as it was Anakin's tipping point (Padme and his Mom). I assume this is why they were trained so young as to avoid such emotions.

coolbeans1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

No one. He was able to manipulate midichlorians to create life.


RetrospectRealm1143d ago

That would be using the dark side. Luke is a Jedi and it's super likely he would not do such a thing.

freshslicepizza1142d ago

lisa marie presley just announced she signed up for the next episode.

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pompombrum1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

*edit* nevermind was mentioned in the article.

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