Homeland Season 5 Episode 12 Review: “A False Glimmer” - TVOM

TVOM: In many ways, “A False Glimmer” reminded me a lot of last season’s Homeland finale, “Long Time Coming.” After Carrie stops Bibi from releasing the sarin gas in the train station, with the help of Qasim, who unfortunately doesn’t make it out of the situation alive, the rest of the hour is spent tying up loose ends and digging into the emotions of these characters that we’ve known for years (in the cases of Carrie and Saul) or were introduced to this season (such as Otto, Jonas, and Laura). And while not all of it works perfectly, the sense of sadness that permeates throughout “A False Glimmer” is powerful; after everything these characters have done to thwart the planned terrorist attack, it is not only believable but fitting that they would deal with the fallout in the ways that they do, and it’s admirable storytelling from Homeland to give us these quieter moments when it could have just made its entire finale one big chase to stop the terrorists.

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