Screenrant | 'Point Break' Review


It’s understandable why Hollywood was interested in a Point Break remake – given that a “bigger” and “more extreme” version of Bigelow’s well-known surfer crime thriller, on paper, might have sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately, nothing about the movie improves on the original film – as the story, characters, and acting, in particular are mundane outlines. That all said, Point Break‘s inability to deliver on its fundamental promise of adrenaline-pumping action, in spite of well-known extreme athlete consultants, is the movie’s biggest disappointment – and, frankly, a massive failure given that story and character development were sacrificed at every turn to service Core’s spiceless sport footage.

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WizzroSupreme1149d ago

Looks like one of those movies that'll successfully put me to sleep one lonely night skimming through Netflix a year or two from now.