Collider | 'Point Break' Review


Point Break (2015) is a hollow shell of the original, wrapped in the same 1991 coating yet stale underneath. It’s a pretender, a wannabe – inundating the viewer with the catchphrases, iconic images and moments from yesteryear as if that would be enough, as if the past (in and of itself) can justify its own fragile existence. It’s a movie that so desperately wants to separate itself from its 90s origin (with flashy new extreme stunts) yet hinges still on the same exact beats of its predecessor (it all rests yet again on catching that one giant wave). Throughout the film, various characters will opine that they need to find ‘their own line’ – be it a path whilst snowboarding down a mountain or climbing up a waterfall or really in life in general. It’s advice the remake itself should have taken to heart.

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WizzroSupreme1147d ago

Good thing Keanu Reeves has John Wick 2 on his calendar then.