Crewman Killed on Set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Deadline - There’s been another tragic accident on the South African set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, this one taking the life of crew member Ricardo Cornelius. He was killed on Dec. 3, but reports are just now surfacing. None of the production or distribution companies involved has yet to make a public statement or express their condolences. The film, which has completed production, was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who has also remained mum about it.

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alti1148d ago

He's my favorite Dierector.

Bobafret1148d ago

I get individual taste and all, but I hope you weren't serious.

alti1148d ago

check the spelling i used. it's just a pun. lol

Porcelain_Chicken1148d ago

Based on his taste in humor, he was.

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Bobafret1148d ago

Lots of typos online, this just looked like another. I suppose I am not very bright.

alti1147d ago

the social justice warriors have properly saluted my comment.

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wannabe gamer1148d ago

second major accident on this movie. not a good sign, i think they needto stop making these. they are a disgrace to the RE name anyway

suli55951147d ago

Need a properly directed resident evil movie with a high budget, Dicaprio as Leon enough said