F is for Family: Season 1 Review - IGN

IGN: As the latest cog in Netflix's ever-expanding original programming slate, which is set to double in 2016, Bill Burr's animated shout-fest, the just-debuted F is For Family, definitely works to make itself heard. Following the miserable 1973 exploits of the "no steps forward, two steps back" Murphy family - a dysfunctional Rustbelt suburban quintet - the series pulls no punches when it comes to portraying, to a heightened degree, just how different family life was forty years go.

Voicing blue collar patriarch Frank, Burr channels the anger and frustrations of his own father. Or - you know - "many fathers" back then. Yes, the obnoxious emotional abuse flows freely in the Murphy household as Frank is besieged every day by a life of discontent. With no blessing good enough to notice and no inconvenience small enough to ignore, Frank's a perpetual powder keg of rage and - as he'd put it - "emotion."

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