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Everyone needs an editor.

Yes, even Quentin Tarantino, headmaster of the too-much-is-never-enough school of filmmaking. Turns out that sometimes, it is.

“The Hateful Eight” has all of his signature moves: Violence (and how), profanity (ditto), meticulously crafted dialogue, expert idiosyncratic direction and an obvious love of movies. But Tarantino goes overboard with nearly all of these elements in a film that blows past the three-hour mark (and didn’t need to).

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WizzroSupreme1153d ago

I guess the intermission is sure called for then.

seanpitt231152d ago

I have seen it and I was slightly disappointed just about every tarintino film as been a masterpiece this is not its has to much dialogue not enough action the story is weak. If your going to put lots of dialogue in a film make it memorable and standout 3 hours of talking needs something yes they are a few scenes that stand out but not enough the actors all do an amazing job but this film is no django that film blew me away on every level same as most of his films.