Quentin Tarantino & Paul Thomas Anderson On Glory Of 70MM, Favorite Movies & The Race To Save Film


As kind of a dream Christmas gift for film nerds everywhere (and especially me in that regard) I got to sit down with directors Quentin Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson on Christmas Eve in Tarantino’s home screening room to talk about the fate of 70MM, the future of film and memories of our greatest movie experiences among other things in a nearly hourlong conversation recorded on the eve of the opening of Tarantino’s 70MM roadshow debut of The Hateful Eight. As has been well documented on Deadline, this snowy western was shot in Pete Hammond badgeUltra Panavision 70, the first film to use this process and lenses since Khartoum in 1966.

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WizzroSupreme1155d ago

It's a crying shame to see so few movies write as moving of a love letter to cinema as Tarantino's, but I guess it's what fuels their staying power.