Screenrant | 'The Hateful Eight' Review


For longtime Tarantino fans, as well as general lovers of film, The Hateful Eight is a must-see movie from one of modern Hollywood’s most compelling directors. The western drama-comedy isn’t likely to top Tarantino lists as the filmmaker’s best or most iconic movie; however, The Hateful Eight is a quality production full of unforgettable performances, cheeky banter, and a gripping storyline packed full of fun twists and shrewd drama – limited only by violence and profanity that won’t be of taste for easily offended filmgoers. Still, as a realization of Tarantino’s vision, The Hateful Eight is one of 2015’s best movies – and a standout in the director’s filmography.

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WizzroSupreme1147d ago

The game of CLUE in a single room was a great idea for this film. Looking forward to seeing this.