New Deadpool Movie Trailer 2 Available To Watch Now

20th Century Fox has released an early Christmas present for Deadpool movie fans. They have released the second trailer for the film coming out in February.

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HRoach6161151d ago

Easily my most anticipated movie of 2016 next to Doctor strange. This trailer is epic. Ryan is killing it. All good stuff.

xer01151d ago

Agreed. This trailer kicks ass.

About time, we had a superhero movie for a mature audience! :)

scark921151d ago

This trailer got me excited.

Porcelain_Chicken1151d ago

Wow this looks really good. I thought the first trailer was ok but I'm sold after this one. I'm kinda hoping they don't combine this with the current X-men and let this be its own universe with it's own more comic booky costumed X-men.

sonicwrecks1150d ago

That they might ACTUALLY get this right makes me excited no end.