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TRR: Hollywood's tradition of reimagining classic stories and retelling them anew continues with director Joe Wright and screenwriter Jason Fuch's Pan, a film that follows in the footsteps of movies like Oz the Great and Powerful and Maleficent. Visually, Pan proves to be a wondrously enthralling experience, brimming with colorful production design, engaging action sequences and eccentric-looking characters. At its core, however, there's something fundamentally amiss with this retelling, for this is an origin story that creates more questions than it answers.

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Stringerbell1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

This was a disappointment to say the least. Jacman gave it his all but everyone else, not so much. I dont know if they planned on making a series out of this, but due to how this preformed that isn't going to happen.

Nothing is explained. How the pirates got there, is Blackbeard the only one who is 'immortal', what is the falling out between Pan and Hook - why is everyone singing Nirvana and Ramones songs? Nothing...