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Mission Impossible 5, 6, Edge of Tomorrow 2 News

Christopher McQuarrie talks about Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, stunts, going bigger for Mission Impossible 6, finding Rebecca Ferguson, IMAX, and more.

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StarWarsFan1906d ago

Mission Impossible has gone to so many places, but they should visit South America or something. They've been to Asia and Europe plenty of times. Antarctica would be unique. A crazy car chase in the snow.

KingPin1906d ago

"A crazy car chase in the snow."

sounds very james bondi-ish dont you think ;)

dauntingpixel1906d ago

i seem to recall a bond movie in the snow too.

StarWarsFan1902d ago

Well anything can be compared to James Bond. I assume they'd try to make it unique. It's not like James Bond only visited a place with snow only once.

MasterD9191906d ago

Well, as long as Simon Pegg is involved I'll be seeing it.

gangsta_red1906d ago

How exactly could they do a Edge of Tomorrow sequel?

I mean I guess the aliens could come back and Tom could get the powers again but then it's just another retelling of part one.

It was a great movie that should be left alone.

boing11906d ago

He did get the power back at the end. And probably can now control it like Omega did.

Gaming4Life19811906d ago

I honestly love mission impossible and edge of tomorrow but I cant take all these sequels anymore. 2016 for movies looks to be the best but every movie is a sequel or reimagening, where are the new blockbusters?

Is hollywood cashing in on movie names or do all these movies truly deserve to live on forever?