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Star Wars Movies Ranked From Worst To Best


The Star Wars saga is the most iconic film franchise of all time. Everyone knows what Star Wars is. It’s pervaded our public consciousness for nearly 40 years now—you have to try really hard not to be aware of this franchise, whose humble beginnings lie in a young filmmaker trying to make a Flash Gordon ripoff. Little did George Lucas know that with the original Star Wars, he was jumpstarting not only a widely beloved feature film franchise, but also originating an entire universe that folks would pore over, debate, and expand upon for years to come.

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WizzroSupreme3137d ago

I would totally agree that Episode IV is the best standalone Star Wars film and the most solidly told, but Return of the Jedi brings the saga full-circle in such a beautiful way for father and son. I would also agree that Jedi takes half the film to get started though. Jabba's palaces is just Episode V: Part II The Loose Ends. In addition, Episode V struggles in its transitions between Han and Leia and Luke on Dagobah.

sonicwrecks3135d ago

Disagree on The Phantom Menace being the worst, Attack of the Clones' awkward as anything love story trumping pod racing and Darth Maul? No way.

OJSoFunky3135d ago

But you forget about the monstrosity called Jar Jar!

RetrospectRealm3134d ago

Attack Of The Clones is worlds above Phantom Menace. It's amazing how people will disregard a whole film because of two scenes between Anakin and Padme.

Lord_Sloth3134d ago

Personally I just didn't find the film interesting, the combat was a little lackluster, Dooku felt a little random, Jango Fett had THE MOST ANTI-CLIMACTIC DEATH EVER, and then we go to Padme and Anakin's scenes.

s45gr323134d ago

Not just that but come on Anakin acted like an angsty teen for crying out loud.

OJSoFunky3135d ago

ROTJ is my favourite followed by Empire than New Hope then Revenge of the sith, the other two don't matter

level 3603134d ago

a. Empire Strikes Back ( V ) is the Best.
b. Star Wars ( IV )
c. Return of the Jedi ( VI )
d. Revenge of the Sith ( III )
e. Attack of the Clones ( II )
f. Phantom Menace ( I )

Honestly hated the actor who portrayed child Anakin, Jarjar and a lot of badly designed CGI props/effects from the first 3 episodes.

Also think George Lucas decision of filming the first 3 in about 90% CGI/green screen really didn't do justice to the franchise.

StarWarsFan3134d ago

I don't think Phantom Menace was the worst. And people need to get over Jar Jar Binks. Kids liked him. He was fun. It's been a while, so let it go! Attack Of The Clones may have been the worst in my book just because it served only as a transition from Episode I to Episode III and didn't offer a lot on its own. But all six movies do sort of tell one grand story, so it's a little unfair to rank them. Each serves a different purpose than another.

s45gr323134d ago

Phantom Menace wasn't that bad. Episode 2 never mind (which for me is the worst of the worst star wars film ever). The romance between Padme and Anakin was beyond awful. The whole movie didnt make sense until the end. The third was actually good.......

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