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Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Defenders - The Best TV That's Not on TV (Thanks Netflix!)

COG writes - Netflix has given us a taste of 3/4 of The Defenders team and so far it's some of the best the streaming outlet has to offer. Jessica Jones and Daredevil are unabashed hits while Luke Cage and Iron fist will most definitely follow suit.

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CuHnadian1404d ago

Just completed binging Jessica Jones last night, loved it just as much as Daredevil. So far, I'm loving these Netflix Marvel shows far more than the films, and I can only hope that The Defenders is just as great.

generalwinter1404d ago

TV is going through a really great time right now, so many good shows.

MercilessDMercer1404d ago

It's actually becoming a huge problem! I think I'm up to roughly 17 shows that I'm either watching, recording or are on my Netflix queue... I don't have time for them all

Paulhammer1404d ago

No wonder Netflix shows are getting more traffic than GoT - the quality is freakin' great!

OJSoFunky1404d ago

Love everything Netflix is doing with Marvel, excited to see who they cast as Iron Fist.

gangsta_red1404d ago

My 10 yo son and I sat down to watch Jessica Jones...boy was I surprised!

Needless to say not everything from Marvel is kid friendly.

Digital_Anomaly1404d ago

Parental discretion is definitely advised! Haha

NCAzrael1403d ago

I would say the movies are for kids (and the inner children in all adults) while the Netflix shows are what you watch after you put the kids to bed.

gangsta_red1403d ago

We both watched Daredevil which wasn't bad.

I guess this is the more seedier Marvel Max side of things.

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