10 Movies Which Were Completely Changed After Test Screenings


Only a handful of directors working in the film industry today can boast the right to final cut. With huge sums of money invested in movie production, even the most talented are contractually bound to satisfy the creative demands of studio executives.

Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott might enjoy the privilege of final cut today (which as we’ll see wasn’t always the case), but other filmmakers have no choice but to put up with the interference of the studio; which often involves preview screenings to members of the public to gauge their reaction to the film. Screenings can be a great medium for helping to streamline a movie or iron out any small problems – for instance changing the name of the James Bond movie License Revoked to License To Kill to avoid Americans confusing it with a film about traffic violations – or improving the clarity of Bane’s voice in The Dark Knight Rises.

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WizzroSupreme1687d ago

I loathe the idea of a Blade Runner 2. There's no way that it can follow up what was already the most hotly contested ending of any sci-fi movie other than Prometheus.

RetrospectRealm1687d ago

Since you brought up Prometheus, I assume you think people don't like the ending of Blade Runner when you say "hotly"? I think that's false. Blade Runner is widely known as a classic all around.

Lord_Sloth1685d ago

If it's bad we'll just disregard it and still have the amazing original. But what if it's good? Then we have 2 awesome movies. I think they should try. Worst case scenario I see a bad movie and continue watching the original.

RetrospectRealm1684d ago

Harder to just "disregard it" than you'd imagine. People can't get over the prequels, Alien 3-4, or Indiana Jones 4 still.

Lord_Sloth1684d ago

Yet here I am, enjoying the original Terminator and Indianna Jones films with no issues.

It's only as difficult as you make it.