We Got This Covered | 'The Good Dinosaur' Review

We Got This Covered

I walked into The Good Dinosaur expecting a cutesy comedy about two unlikely friends, and left rambling descriptors like “relentless,” “abusive,” and “way ‘effing darker” than any previous Disney tearjerker. To be fair, this not-so-prehistoric tale follows the same formulaic Pixar framework you’ve seen twenty times over, yet we’re leagues beyond some of the studio’s bleakest, gut-punching moments. Realer than Toy Story 3 and its incinerator march towards death. Harsher than Charles Muntz’s plunge in Up. Mortality, fear, isolation – these are just some of the themes that’ll pepper your child’s post-screening questions, which there will be plenty of.

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WizzroSupreme1335d ago

Graphically, the movie looks amazing. Can't wait to see it this Thanksgiving.