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Morgan Freeman On Board ‘Cold Warriors’

Morgan Freeman has come aboard Millennium Entertainment’s Cold Warriors with director Raja Gosnell attached to direct. The spy action/comedy is about a retired CIA agent who enlists the help of his video game programmer stepson to finish a Cold War era mission.

The production company is currently looking to cast the stepson role, described as gamer who forgoes a video game conference in Paris to join a search after he discovers that his stepfather (Freeman) is a former CIA agent. The storyline is Taken meets Get Smart, hence Gosnell who has directed a string of comedies. Todd Berger (Happytime Murders) scripted.

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alycakes1075d ago

Morgan Freeman makes anything pretty good.

Aldous_Snow1075d ago

Everything sounds better in Morgan Freemans voice... EVERYTHING.

Bet he could talk anyone into bed.