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Spectre (IMAX) Review - Alternative Magazine Online

There has been somewhat of a backlash against Spectre from critics since its release in the UK, but that’s to be expected after the incredible financial and critical success of Skyfall. It’s far too easy to forget just how bad some of the previous Bond films actually were – especially the latter Pierce Brosnan instalments. Spectre isn’t a perfect film – there are plot holes inherent in any James Bond film, as they are all essentially fantasies – but it’s an action-packed adventure that puts an exclamation mark on the fact that Daniel Craig could very well be the best actor to have undertaken the role of 007 to date. If this proves to be his last outing, he’ll be leaving behind a body of work that will be tough to follow. James Bond will return – let’s just hope Daniel Craig does too. Never say never again…

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Not 10/10 worthy but it's still really good.