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Gamer Headlines James Bond Spectre Review

Following on from the beautiful Skyfall – perhaps the best film in James Bond’s entire history – was never going to be an easy task for director Sam Mendes. Nevertheless, while Spectre – his second attempt at the franchise – is certainly no masterpiece, it’s still a thrilling watch.

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RetrospectRealm1992d ago

Super stoked this is getting good reviews. There's nothing quite like a good Bond film.

CyanocittaCristata1992d ago

It's honestly great, a little long mind, but yeah full of all the action you could ever ask for!

OJSoFunky1991d ago

I thought that it was incredibly predictable, everything that you think happens in the film happens, which is disappointing, but i really enjoyed everything else.

RetrospectRealm1991d ago

I've been staying away from the trailers as much as I can, only seeing a snippet of a commercial or whatever. I know almost nothing about this film so I think I should be good!

CyanocittaCristata1990d ago

I guess Bond films always are, just because we know so much about the character and the way he handles things.

You're right though, there wasn't one moment were I thought OH GOD, didn't see that coming.

OJSoFunky1991d ago

@RetrospectRealm, neither did i, when the film starts and they starts is when i guessed all this stuff.

CyanocittaCristata1990d ago

Same again! Neither did I, hadn't seen one trailer or even heard the opening credits song. Bond will always be pretty predictable, but there's enough action.good acting there to make you forget you've seen similar films before.