Empire "Empire Without a Country: Review I Film Takeout

Marcus Lee Graham from Film Takeout writes:

"It was an episode that will give the rest of the season a lot to play with! Cookie and Hakeem will be the first caught in the storm that is Lucious Lyon and with Jamal on his side, you can bet anything that there will be some casualties. The gloves are coming off."

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RetrospectRealm1863d ago

Really? Ozymandias was a 100/100 episode. I highly doubt this is Breaking Bad status right here.

OJSoFunky1862d ago

You can't compare it to other shows, you can only rate it on the potential of the episode itself.

RetrospectRealm1862d ago

By that logic, a sucky show's best episode would get a 10/10 rating. I don't see how that rating system makes sense then.

OJSoFunky1862d ago

For example, if you rate an action film a 10, and rate the Godfather a 10, of course the action film isn't as good as the godfather, your ratiing it against other action films and the potential of that action film. If you look at reviews for shows like the walking dead, which isn't the greatest show it gets episodes that are 9 or 10s. but they don't compare to episode of breaking bad/game of thrones episodes that are 9/10. That's how i see it