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The A.V. Club | 'Quantico: Found' Review

The A.V. Club

For a show pitched as Homeland meets Grey’s Anatomy, ABC’s Quantico has cribbed more liberally from the prestige drama than its network peer, at least in terms of subject matter and themes. In terms of style, Quantico is quite like Grey’s, particularly in its sense of constant urgency and its (over)reliance on moody music cues. But the main thing that has always distinguished Grey’s from other medical shows is its focus on the characters’ romantic lives, something Quantico clearly wants to do but hasn’t gotten around to, what with the fifty-eleven interlocking mysteries it’s trying to juggle.

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WizzroSupreme1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Where in the world do FBI agents ever look like this?… Virginia, apparently.

RetrospectRealm1992d ago

It's NBC's primetime soap opera... starring FBI agents.