How Sony Could Lose James Bond After Bloated 'Spectre'

THR: The film, with a $250 million-plus budget, marks the last in a deal with MGM, which is expected to court many distributors as a major franchise could change hands.

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James Bond is about to become a free agent, setting off a scramble among studios eager to win distribution rights to one of Hollywood's few seemingly gold-plated franchise.

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SouthClaw1997d ago

Surprised Disney haven't just bought it up... like everything else.

annoyedgamer1997d ago

Female bond fighting racism\sexism incoming lol

iceman29291996d ago

I'm a huge bond fan. But if this happens. No.

Spiewie 1997d ago

Hmm they could but probably won't. They make too much money with good old Bond.

Soldierone1997d ago

They will probably just extend the agreement, milk it to death, then decide meh someone else can have this tired old franchise lol

RetrospectRealm1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's a 20+ film series. If it isn't milked to death by now then it won't ever be. We love Bond.

Soldierone1996d ago

It's Sony Pictures, I'm sure they will find a way lol

Anthotis1997d ago

Let's hope it doesn't end up in SJW sympathizing hands.

StarWarsFan1997d ago

I don't know if Sony will give up on a new deal so easily. It's about the only reliable franchise they're attached to right now. They squandered Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequels, screwed up on the last Spider-Man and their new Ghostbusters is in uncharted waters.

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