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Topher Grace Defends 'Spider-Man 3': It Made the "Gross National Income of a Small Country"


Topher Grace had no qualms about thinking outside the box to land his pivotal role in the Robert Redford-Cate Blanchett drama Truth.

The James Vanderbilt-directed film, opening Friday in select theaters, stars Redford as Dan Rather and Blanchett as his 60 Minutes producer Mary Mapes amid the flap following the show's 2004 news story about then-president George W. Bush's time in the National Guard. Grace co-stars as the CBS news-magazine's researcher Mike Smith, who is particularly passionate that their story about Bush get told.

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WizzroSupreme1754d ago

Topher knows what he's talking about, folks. Guy's legit.

Soldierone1753d ago

The movie was going to make that much money regardless of what it was. 1 You had two really good films leading to it, the second being the best Spider-Man film to date still. 2 You had Venom appear which is something people really wanted, but Sony forced it too soon.

The film would have been better if they allowed Rami to build towards it instead of forcing it.

sonicwrecks1751d ago

'Forcing it' is indeed the phrase.